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Unsuccessful leader styles: Laissez-Faire Leadership and Conflict Management Styles
There are many kinds of leadership styles: authoritarian leadership style, paternalistic leader, democratic leadership style, laissez-faire leadership style, transactional leadership style , conflict management style and so on.Which is the best leadership style ?That depends!

According to the view of Etta CGray , for retail managers, conflict management styles and laisse faire leadership are all unsuccessful styles:

Retail managers were examined to determine their leadership styles and any potential correlations to conflict management styles. Research findings suggest that successful retail managers exhibit transformational leadership styles, and those that exhibit laissez-faire leadership is strongly correlated with avoidance conflict management style. The Conflict Management Style (CMS) and Multi Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) instruments were used to survey participants in this study. A MLQ scoring manual was used to identify leadership styles, and a CMS scoring manual was used to determine conflict management styles. Pearson correlation (SPSS, version 17.0) was used to correlate between MLQ and CMS findings.


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